Andrew Cochrane is a content creator working in interactive and immersive mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events, and mobile & web apps. He has a unique ability to contribute extensive knowledge and insight into both the creative and technological aspects of an interactive project and offers a blend of narrative focus, artistic savvy, and high-tech problem solving.

Andrew is deeply involved in the growing immersive entertainment space, having created content for Google Cardboard, GearVR, and PC-based HMD’s. As a director, some of his recent credits include creating a virtual skydiving experience presented by the CEO of Intel during their CES 2017 Keynote, a VR tour of Google’s retail program, the intro for Google’s Jump 360º video platform, and a commercial for the Barco Escape theater system featuring M&Ms. He also created and directed a real-time visuals piece for Intel that was featured in their Realsense Anthem ad campaign and featured on their mainstage at CES 2016.

Additionally, Andrew was a creative and technical lead on VR experiences for USA Today, Mr. Robot, The Strain, GE, and Michigan Football. He is also working on multiple projects that use technologies such as Google’s Tango, real-time performance capture, and various augmented reality platforms. He has also served as a technical lead for many exciting interactive projects that used techniques such as projection mapping, dataviz and the world’s first WebGL interactive music video.

His traditional credits include directing commercials for clients such as M&M’s, Google, VIZIO, Target, LG, and Disney. He was also a director and creative technical supervisor on the iPad App “Cornelia Funke’s MirrorWorld” which won a Cannes Silver Lion for “Best Visual Design/Aesthetic.”

The videos seen on this site are a sample of Andrew’s work as a director and technical supervisor. Some projects are not available to post online, please contact Andrew for information on anything that is mentioned but not linked to from here. His VFX and other transmedia credits are also available on IMDB and by request.