Andrew Presents THE 100% At HxGN Live 2019

I had the extreme honor to be invited to present our use of LiDAR for creating THE 100% as part of HxGN Live this year. This “Embrace Reality” Keynote was all about Leica’s BLK family of LiDAR and Hexagon’s software, and my presentation was one of two entertainment industry uses of these tools. The other presentation highlighted ILM’s explorations into using LiDAR to aid their work on films such as Star Wars. The video embedded above will jump to THE 100% section but if this stuff interests you, check out the full Keynote.

I’m very interested in the new BLK LiDAR options like the BLK2GO and the BLK247, and I simply cannot WAIT for them to start rolling out so we can start testing and using them in production!