Disney – “Pandora VR”

Disney released a 360º VR tour of the latest addition to their Animal Kingdom park in Florida: Pandora – The World of Avatar. Andrew and John Fragomeni provided Disney with post-production services on this piece, which included editing, graphics, animation, a CG environment for lead Imagineer Joe Rhode, compositing, and color grading. The final sound mix was provided by John Hendicott at Aurelia Soundworks, a frequent collaborator on many of the 360º projects seen on this site.

USA Network – “Mr. Robot VR”

For Comic Con 2016, Within and Here Be Dragons partnered with Sam Esmail to bring his show Mr. Robot into virtual reality. Andrew supervised post production stitching/cleanup, CG ceiling replacements, and a stylized dream sequence montage for Mirada’s portions of the 13-minute 360º video. The experience was ‘simulcast’ in a specific synchronized time window across Within’s VR apps and at a live event at Comic Con, then shown exclusively at the convention in a recreation of Elliott’s apartment.

GE – “Minds and Machines VR”

Andrew supervised this complex all-CG VR experience for GE’s annual Minds and Machines conference. Designed to give power plant operators a glimpse into the ways that GE’s new Predix industrial internet can improve efficiency, this experience features a first-person dive into what the future of industry will look like.

Warner Brothers – “The House – Frank’s Place 360”

Andy worked with frequent collaborator Andrew Shulkind on the edit, stitch cleanup, graphics, and final grade for this behind the scenes 360º look at the main set for Warner Brothers’ comedy “The House“. Featuring audio from the film, each scene shows the progression from total dump to high-end casino that Frank (played by Will Ferrell) performs on his own house. This immersive video was created from a series of spherical HDRI images, and relied extensively on Affinity Photo‘s 360º paint and compositing tools. The final title card was converted into proper spherical perspective using Mettle‘s Skybox, and the edit was completed in Premiere.

Audi – “Footsteps”

This beautiful cinematic spot, by Motion Theory for the Audi R8 via San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners, leads viewers on a Darwinian pursuit, covering 300 million years of biological and technological evolution in 60 seconds. The creative team built on the realism of live-action footage—that included capturing practical effects like rainwater-filled footprints and the tracks of a galloping horse—and enhanced its breakneck pace and blended the evolutionary leaps. The result is a seamless pursuit that heralds Audi as the apex of the phenomenon of forward motion that pushes technology and human society ahead.