Disney – “World of Color”

Andrew was the fluid sim supervisor on the complicated production on the spot to announce the World of Color exhibit at Disney’s California Adventure.

The World of Color production spanned February through June, 2010. The visual effects teams were charged with conceptualizing and designing the story for all animations – including directing Mickey’s animation with lead animator Tony Bancroft from Duck Studios, and depicting Pixar characters in 3D water form. To re-create the characters as liquid entities, and have them interact with the elaborate 3D water fountains and environments, the team rendered over 150 fluid and volumetric mist elements with cutting-edge beta software to produce a massive amount of 3D fluid simulations. The resulting scenes were a complex mixture of 3D water effects, background mist projection screens, and real fountains of water that shot 150-200 feet into the air.

A discussion of the technology used in the spot can be read here. The video can be seen in the Disney section of Mirada.com.

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