Andrew Cochrane is an interactive and immersive content creator for mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events, and large-scale domes. Andrew is an expert in forming and leading multi-disciplinary teams delivering innovative and technologically complex projects. He has been integral to the growing immersive entertainment space both as a creator and as a thought leader.

Currently, he is consulting and working to bring exciting technology to the world of live entertainment and immersive/interactive, using AI and other emerging tools to architect experiences for audiences across numerous platforms and mediums. Most recently, he created visuals for No Doubt’s reunion performances at Coachella 2024, and before that, he created a live installation celebrating Canon content creators at Art Basel in Miami. 

Previous accomplishments include building the studio, team, and processes for MSG Sphere Studios, the content creation arm responsible for content on the Sphere in Las Vegas. As the Senior Vice President of Post Production, he was responsible for leading the teams testing the technologies and creating the content for the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas for over three years.

His immersive content credits span the gamut of live-action, CGI, and real-time experiences for clients such as HP, Intel, Adobe, USA Today, Google, GE, Disney, USA Network, Visa, Las Vegas, and many others. Andrew has also directed commercials for brands such as Disney, LG, VIZIO, Google, Target, Barco, and M&M’s. He has also done several traditional and VR projects featuring his own narrative and creative development, including “The Carrier” a VR short starring Karolina Wydra that is currently working through the international film festivals circuit. 

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The videos seen on this site are a sample of Andrew’s work as a director and technical supervisor. Some projects are not available to post online, please contact Andrew for information on anything that is mentioned but not linked to from here. His VFX and other transmedia credits are also available on IMDB and by request.