Intel – “RealSense Dancer”

Intel has launched a campaign to celebrate interactive projects that leverage their groundbreaking RealSense cameras to demonstrate the creative capabilities this technology unlocks. One of the featured pieces, directed by Mirada’s Andrew Cochrane, is an interactive dance performance involving a precise mix of creative realtime effects and custom programming.

The digital performance demonstrates the data capture and real-time tracking capabilities of the RealSense platform in a stunning interplay of human and digital motion – combining ballerina Paige Fraser’s movements with a virtual partner made of light, as they dance together across the stage.

The resulting digital dancer responds to Paige’s movements, as she fights against falling boulders in a symbolic dance that represents the psychological darkness and toll that scoliosis inflicted on her as a child. Together, the cutting edge technology combines with beautiful visuals to elevate Paige’s performance beyond the literal confines of her story, becoming an engaging, emotive, and standalone work of digital art.

This realtime visualization premiered on Intel’s 2016 CES Spotlight Stage and was incorporated into the broader RealSense ad campaign in an anthemic broadcast spot directed by Samuel Bayer, conceived by the McGarryBowen Agency.


Intel did a great full write-up of the project here, and Mirada’s website has some more videos of the experience.


Some press about the piece can be found here:

And here is a 360º video that Intel shot of one of the live performances at CES: