Michigan Football Virtual Reality

Experience Michigan Football like never before. These 360º Virtual Reality experiences bring you into the huddle, onto the field and inside the program from an incredible player’s perspective. Andrew helped to lead the technical supervision of the experience, aiding in the stitching and organization of the huge amount of 360º video data generated by two separate shoots on location in The Big House and around the facilities of the University of Michigan football program.

Not only does the App transport the viewer to experience football at the University of Michigan but also includes a tour of the law library, Glick Field House, and Schembechler Hall, as well as the various training and educational areas of the school.

Mirada, Headcase and the University of Michigan worked together to create an experience that would aid in the recruiting of prospective football team members and give their alumni and boosters an unforgettable view of what game day is like from a player’s perspective. For this reason, it was created in two formats: one that could be seen on any mobile device as a 360º video, and alternately it can be viewed with any Google Cardboard device to truly transport the viewer to the University of Michigan.

Produced by HeadcaseVR, with post production provided by Mirada. The app is available for free on iOS, Android, and GearVR.