Disney – “Pandora VR”

Disney released a 360º VR tour of the latest addition to their Animal Kingdom park in Florida: Pandora – The World of Avatar. Andrew and John Fragomeni provided Disney with post-production services on this piece, which included editing, graphics, animation, a CG environment for lead Imagineer Joe Rhode, compositing, and color grading. The final sound mix was provided by John Hendicott at Aurelia Soundworks, a frequent collaborator on many of the 360º projects seen on this site. The floating images seen at the beginning and end of this video were animated in After Effects using the Skybox VR plugins from Mettle (this video was completed before Adobe purchased the Skybox plugins), and the circle wipes used a trick developed during our Vegas:Alter Your Reality project, where we created mattes in Premiere using the Mettle 360º circle wipe transition. Compositing of all the elements was done in Blackmagic’s newly-released Fusion 9, and the final grade was completed in Resolve. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this one, check it out in a headset if you can!