Google – Jump Logo

Andrew co-directed the official logo reveal for the Google Jump 360º video platform, which now plays in front of all videos created for this revolutionary VR video medium. Using 8k source footage shot on a Jump camera array and stereo-spherical CG, the logo animation required rapid design iterations while juggling the complex technical requirements of working in immersive video.

The platform is set to bring VR production to Youtube’s vast stable of creators, bringing access to those who would otherwise never have the capability to shoot, stitch, edit, and deliver a proper VR experience to their audiences.

It’s about capturing and sharing these real-world experiences, like the great wall, the coral reef, in an entirely new way, one that looks and feels like you’re actually there. Because the world is filled with all these awesome places and events, like Great Barrier Reefs, and Golden Gate Bridges, and birthday parties and mountain tops. – Clay Bavor, creator Google Cardboard

Readwrite covered the initial announcement of the Jump program at the 2015 Google I/O Conference, as did The Verge:

And while GoPro is obviously the first company working on a Jump rig, Bavor said that filmmakers will theoretically be able to use any off-the-shelf cameras. (The benefit of buying GoPro’s instead of building your own, however, would be that the optimizations done on the back end would already be taken care of.) You can also make the camera array out of any material. “We’ve made one out of 3D-printed plastic, one out of machined metal, and for good measure, of course, we also made one out of cardboard,” Bavor said.

You can see this logo in action playing at the head of a bunch of the Jump videos that are hitting Youtube360 now, a partial playlist of these videos is embedded below.