Presenting At Unity Vision Summit 2016:

Next week I will be continuing my ‘Virtual and Augmented reality evangelism tour’ by doing a presentation at the Unity Vision Summit 2016. It will be a presentation of a series of case studies on Mirada’s work to add interactivity to 360º video, specifically focusing on how and why we chose Unity to create three of our recent virtual reality projects: Google Shop VR, The Strain VR, and GE VR. Here’s the description of the session:

Mirada is a specialist in the emerging arena of 360º immersive cinema experiences. This session will deconstruct how Unity was used in several recent VR projects to add a layer of interactivity to pre-rendered video content, as well as offering a glimpse of the areas that the studio’s creative and technical teams are exploring next. From hardware integration to image effects and numerous scripted interactions, Mirada has leveraged numerous Unity and 3rd party tools to add subtle (and at times, invisible) interactivity to their VR and AR experiences.

The two-day event is hosted by Unity, and is designed to bring leaders in the emerging VR and AR space together for sessions, panels, demos, and networking. If you plan on attending this conference, please pop by after the session and introduce yourself! A full schedule has been posted here.

Also, Gamasutra interviewed me in advance of the session to give a preview of the some of the content that will be covered, and to ask some general thoughts about my recent experiences creating immersive content for virtual reality:

The most exciting aspect of virtual reality and augmented reality is that they open up the ability to not just tell stories to our audience, but to create worlds where they get to experience incredible adventures for themselves. Reading about or listening to or watching a character go on a fantastic journey is never going to be as exciting as going yourself, and VR/AR are the first mediums to offer us the ability to give that experience to a large number of people. First-person narrative is an incredible space to play in, and we are all only just dipping the very tips of our toes into an enormously deep and powerful new phase of entertainment.

You can read the full interview here.