Andy On The Post Post Podcast:

I had the distinct honor to be interviewed by David Gidali a little while ago, and the result was last week’s episode of The Post Post Podcast! The PPP features interviews with post production artists who have managed to move onwards / upwards from VFX or other parts of post to become writers, directors, producers, and other forms of content creators. Previous episodes have featured Aaron Nee (Masters of the Universe, Minecraft), Tomer Eshed (Dragon Rider), Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander (Next Gen), and – honestly completely randomly – one of my good friends and classmates from film school Ethan Shaftel!

SMPTE Monthly Technology Webcast

Andrew Shulkind and I are going to be on SMPTE’s monthly tech webcast in a few weeks talking about VR, AR, MR, XR, RR… all of the alternatives to reality. We’ll be covering the state of the industry and talking about our feelings on how it’s all going so far, and discussing where and when we see things going next.

Mettle Dives Into Signal Noise’s “Vegas Rising”

Mettle just posted part 3 of a series of behind the scenes interviews with John and I about the “Vegas:Alter Your Reality” project (part 1 here, part 2 here). This time it’s a close-up on our process for bringing Signal Noise‘s vision of Las Vegas to life in “Vegas Rising”. This immersive film features the most artwork directly from its featured artist due to James’ ability to create most of the buildings using his normal weapon of choice: Adobe Illustrator.

Mettle Goes Behind The Scenes of “Vegas: Alter Your Reality”

In the first of three behind-the-scenes articles, Mettle has pulled back the curtain on the work that we did to bring Adhemas Batista’s vision to life for the recent “Vegas: Alter Your Reality” project. This article dives deeper into the ways that we used Mettle’s brand new VR tool MantraVR and the Skybox plugins that Mettle developed which are now part of the core of Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere. Check it out, and stay tuned for articles about our work for Signal Noise and Fafi, coming soon!

NVIDIA Interview About GPU Rendering With Octane

NVIDIA recently asked me to provide some thoughts about our use of Octane in the Vegas: Alter Your Reality 360º animation project, seen in the above-embedded video. This was the largest project I have used GPU rendering on to date, and the amount of refinement that we were able to do due to the insanely fast render times was a luxury that I just simply have never had. GPU rendering has massively changed the speed at which CGI can be generated and iterated, and it is only getting better and faster. Renders that literally took hours a few years ago are now almost realtime, which is allowing experimentation and refinement that was previously just simply too expensive to attempt.

Presenting At Unity Vision Summit 2016:

Next week I will be continuing my ‘Virtual and Augmented reality evangelism tour’ by doing a presentation at the Unity Vision Summit 2016. It will be a presentation of a series of case studies on Mirada’s work to add interactivity to 360º video, specifically focusing on how and why we chose Unity to create three of our recent…

Interview: Storytelling In VR

ProVideo Coalition recently sat down with Andrew to talk about VR, and the ways that it is already disrupting traditional storytelling: Figuring out how content creators can and should approach storytelling in a virtual environment is something I’ve explored in the past, as the interest in VR continues to build on both sides of the…

Digital Media World Explores The Details of “The Strain VR”

Digital Media World talked to Andrew about the process and technical details of the VR experience that he supervised for FX’s “The Strain”: ‘The Strain’ VR experience follows the story’s character Vasiliy Fet, a former Ukranian rat exterminator, as he leads viewers on a 360º journey through an abandoned warehouse, while under constant threat of…

Interview: “The Strain VR” On recently interviewed Andrew about the VR experience he supervised for “The Strain”: At a meetup conference in early August, I listened to Andrew Cochrane, Technical Director of Mirada Studios, talk about the future of VR and how it applies to the VR promo he created for season 2 of “The Strain” on FX. Both…

Interview: The Making of “3 Dreams Of Black”

Motionographer did an extensive interview with the creatives and technicians behind 3 Dreams Of Black, the world’s first fully interactive music video running on WebGL: The folks over at Mirada worked on the conceptual design, animation and technology development for 3 Dreams of Black, which features a song from the new Danger Mouse and…