Digital Tech Today VR Interview Series:

Anthony Magliocco from Digital Tech Today recently filmed an interview with me about the art, business, and technology of VR and AR. He has released a series of videos from this interview, divided into various topics and collectively covering a wide range of my thoughts on the industry as it develops. We talked for several hours and the conversation covered a lot of ground, so there’s 7 videos in the VR interview series. There’s a little overlap in the videos so that anyone only viewing a few of them does not get lost, but each one covers a unique topic. I have embedded each one below with a short description of what it covers.

The first part is above, it’s an introduction to immersive technologies. Part 2 covers the topic of “How is VR not Stereo?” (as in, 3D for movies and TV, not audio):

Part 3 covers getting started as a creator of immersive entertainment:

Part 4 is about building ad-hoc teams for creating immersive content:

Part 5 dives into the difference between 180º and 360º video, and the reasons to choose one over the other (pro-tip: choose 180º!):

Part 6 is about the nature of immersive storytelling, specifically the demands of making a first-person narrative:

And Part 7 is about treating immersive video as a bridge into creating narrative VR and AR content:

Check them out and let me know if you disagree with anything I said in there – you can see some other interviews and talks on these topics in the News section of this site.