Interview: Storytelling In VR


ProVideo Coalition recently sat down with Andrew to talk about VR, and the ways that it is already disrupting traditional storytelling:

Figuring out how content creators can and should approach storytelling in a virtual environment is something I’ve explored in the past, as the interest in VR continues to build on both sides of the camera. It represents a completely new way to tell and experience a story, and the storytellers at Mirada are at the forefront of establishing how that’s going to work.

Recently, Mirada partnered with Headcase and ad agency Digital Kitchen to create an immersive VR experience to promote season two of FX’s hit horror drama “The Strain”. Mirada Technical Director Andrew Cochrane was intimately involved in that process, and we wanted to talk with him to find out more about the experience and what it means for more traditional media & entertainment professionals.

In the interview below, Andrews discusses how this technology influences storytelling, what the development process looks like, where someone interested in learning about VR should begin and plenty more.

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