Review: VRLA Summer Expo 2015

The Robot’s Voice did a great review of their favorite experiences at this summer’s VRLA conference, and we were honored that they chose “The Strain VR” as their top pick:

I don’t watch FX series The Strain, on account of not having cable, but I stepped inside the world at VRLA. L.A.-based company Mirada created a VR companion piece for San Diego Comic-Con. While it may be available for a wide audience in the future, right now you can only try it at special events.

Andy Cochrane, Digital/Interactive Director for Mirada, refers to the project as “immersive cinema” and says that the company has been contacted by various networks and studios to develop this kind of additional media. The Strain project is a really good use of VR, in that there are surprises – including some unnerving ones – with every turn of the head. When I looked down, I saw that I was virtually standing several feet high. The depth of the scene was intense.

Right now, VR can place you inside a scene and surround you with characters who will react to your presence. However, it’s not fully interactive yet. I’m interested to see what might happen if the technology evolves to the point where you can address the characters and maybe elicit some sort of response. Maybe some day soon, we’ll be able to curse out the characters we just can’t stand.

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