Interview: Paige Fraser on the Intel RealSense Dancer Project

Intel just posted a big article with a ton of backstory and information on Paige Fraser, our dancer for the RealSense Dancer project that we created for CES and an anthem commercial. This interview covers more ground than any of the previous posts about the real-time dance performance, including much deeper backstory on Paige’s struggle with scoliosis, which formed the basis for the choreography and the visuals:

By all measures, Fraser is a success, but there were dark days when she felt her world crashing down on her. At age 12, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a severe curvature in her spine. She was told she’d never be a professional dancer.

“It was overwhelming and confusing,” said Fraser. She had to wear a back brace to school and while she slept. Doctors told her she’d need surgery, that they would need to install metal rods in her back. It was terrifying news.

But her parents found a chiropractor who worked with dancers and showed her surgery wasn’t the only way. It would take hard work, commitment and loads of perseverance, but the Frasers had no doubt their daughter could do it.

Last fall, Intel teamed up with Fraser, choreographer Tone Talauega and Mirada Studios to find a unique way to tell Fraser’s inspiring story using technology.

The article also contains links to every video that was created as part of the campaign, from the anthem commercial, to a behind the scenes case study and a full-length edit of Paige’s performance on our stage at Mirada Studios. Intel’s post is part of a larger series of interviews and articles on the different projects that went into the “Experience Amazing” campaign, which includes facial projection, Lady Gaga, and solar cars amongst others. If this interests you, please take a look at the other pieces in the series here.