3DArtist Interview – C4D’s Role In “Vegas: Alter Your Reality”

3DArtist recently interviewed John and I about our use of Maxon’s Cinema 4D in creating five animated 360º films for the Vegas: Alter Your Reality art project. This interview dives into the details of how we used C4D and its integrations with Adobe products, Octane, and plugins such as X-Particles and RealFlow to bring the vision and style of each artist into VR. Amongst the technical details, this question and answer highlighted an important aspect of what made VAYR so radically different from many other immersive video projects:

3DArtist: You commented that 360º production is still relatively new, with very few projects attempting the amount and level of work that this project required. What made this project so unique?

AC: Most 360º content is either a tie-in with an entertainment property or a product – marketing has driven most of this emerging medium thus far. This project is rare in that there was no mandate other than for each of the artists to create. R+R Partners and the LVCVA were uniformly focused on maintaining the purity of this goal. In every way, this is an art installation project, with Las Vegas as its patron.

Check out the full interview – these immersive art films are some of the most complex and demanding creations for 360º video to date, and there are a lot of interesting details covered in there!