Andy On The Post Post Podcast:

Post Post Podcast Ep.6

I had the distinct honor to be interviewed by David Gidali a little while ago, and the result was last week’s episode of The Post Post Podcast! The PPP features interviews with post production artists who have managed to move onwards / upwards from VFX or other parts of post to become writers, directors, producers, and other forms of content creators. Previous episodes have featured Aaron Nee (Masters of the Universe, Minecraft), Tomer Eshed (Dragon Rider), Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander (Next Gen), and – completely randomly – one of my good friends and classmates from film school Ethan Shaftel!

David does a fantastic job of interviewing; we talked about a lot of different topics from VFX to digital to immersive and everything in between. There was quite a bit of traipsing down memory lane, especially when talking about the various crazy things we did in The AV Club back before / during the early days of web video. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with David for this episode, and I’ve been listening to the other episodes and getting quite inspired too! If you have ideas for future guests you should definitely hit him up, this is a really great project and I think it’ll be good motivation if not guidance for a lot of folks trying to navigate the changing landscape of content production right now.

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