THE 100% – Leica LiDAR Case Study

Leica has published a great interview / case study of our use of LiDAR capture and point cloud processing software on THE 100%, a volumetric video VR experience that premiered at Tribeca a few weeks ago, where we won the Tribeca X award for “Best VR Experience”. The post from Leica focuses on the reality capture aspect to the project, but there are insights into our overall production process as well as details on the campaign that this experience is the centerpoint of – to the benefit of Stand Up To Cancer. THE 100% is only just getting started on a roll-out to reach as many people as possible, so this is just the first of many updates you’ll be seeing for this project. We are incredibly proud of how this piece turned out, and excited to finally be sharing with the world! I’ll do a full post on the project soon, but in the meantime here is a little more coverage from Tribeca:

UPDATE: here is a great behind-the-curtain look at how OWC helped us bring this project to life.