UploadVR Dives Into “The Strain VR”

UploadVR’s Matthew Terndrup had an opportunity to see “The Strain VR“, created by Mirada and Headcase for Comicon 2015, and wrote these thoughts on the experience:

I tried out the VR demo recently, and it is an exhilarating ride into the world of FX’s “The Strain.” It begins in an abandoned warehouse with a sense of death and decay around every corner.  The main character, Vasiliy Fet, hectically led me through the darkness as Strigoi, zombie-like vampires, ran towards us. He slashed at them wildly as my heartbeat increased with each step.

One of the creatures quickly approached in an effort to attack. With a swift motion, Vasiliy Fet hacked into the head of the beast, causing a white goo to burst from the skull. Lucky to be alive, we scurried further into the darkness when another vampire lunged in front of me. It shot its blood-sucking appendage at me, latching onto my body. I manage to get away, but my guide through this ominous environment informs me that it’s too late. The transformation had already begun.

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